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With over a decade in the dog training industry, our goal is to help you and your dog develop a strong bond and a clear understanding of expectations. Through our balanced training approach, we will help your dog become your perfect family companion.

Our training curriculum will vary slightly with each case.

Each owner will have different concerns and goals and each dog will have different training needs. Once we speak with you and meet your dog, we will have a better idea of what those are and we will be able to adjust our program in order to best suit you and your dog.

Puppy Foundations

$750 - private lessons

$1,590 - board & train

The purpose of this program is to set you and your new puppy up for success as they grow and learn.

This program is for puppies 12 weeks to 6 months of age.

Age appropriate vaccines (Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP) are required, as well as proof of deworming and flea and tick prevention.


- During this program (6 1-hour private sessions) we will work on basic obedience foundations, name recognition/recall, engagement, leash pressure and manners.

- If your pup needs a bit more direction, you will have the option of a 2 week puppy board & train. We will cover all of the above mentioned skills as well as crate training. At the end of the 2 weeks, you will have a private lesson at pick up, then 2 additional private lessons to be scheduled at your convenience.


Basic Obedience 3 week
Board & Train


This is an on-leash program.

During your dog's 3 week stay with us, they will be introduced to the foundations of obedience.


They will learn on-leash manners, sit, down, stay, and place. Then they will be introduced to different environments in which these on-leash skills will be practiced.

(Up to date DHP-P, Rabies and Bordetella required)

Advanced Obedience 3 week Board & Train

$2,500 ($2,000 for graduates of our basic obedience program)

Our 3 week advanced obedience program is for those that already posses basic obedience or are graduates of our basic obedience program. This program offers you and your dog the freedom of off leash obedience and includes a mini educator collar.

We will proof skills taught in basic obedience for longer distances and time intervals, as well as adding more challenging distractions. 

(Up to date DHP-P, Rabies and Bordetella required)


Private Lesson Package


This package consists of 6 1-hour private lessons, which can be held in various locations.


During the private lessons we can address obedience concerns and minor behavioral issues, such as leash pulling and unwanted jumping.

(Up to date DHP-P, Rabies and Bordetella required)

Sport Dog Training & Personal Protection Training

If you are interested in the sport of mondioring,  would like to inquire about a personal protection dog or have your dog evaluated, please contact us to set up an evaluation.


Structured Boarding

Overnight boarding plus refresher sessions offered for pets that have completed any of our training programs.


We know that life gets busy and with that your dog's training may slip a bit.

Let us help fine tune your pups previously learned skills or work on skills that have been troublesome while you're away. 

(This program is not designed to retrain skills, but merely refresh them.)


Please reach out to ask for availability.

We also recommend BEE HAPPY ANIMAL CARE AND TRANSPORT,LLC as an alternative.


A non-refundable 10% deposit is required to hold your spot

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